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The Lexmark Pro700 Series drivers package contains the printer driver for all the Lexmark Pro 700 Series printers (Lexmark Prevail Pro702, Lexmark Prevail Pro706, Lexmark Prevail Pro705, Lexmark Prevail Pro708) that allow your computer to interface with the printer.

This package contains all the software needed to use the device.
This package includes Host Based printer driver.
Drivers are Microsoft WHQL certified.
In addition it may contain the following components:

- Local scan drivers for all supported data streams, OSes, and platforms
- Network scan drivers for all supported data streams, OSes, and platforms
- Lexmark Printer Home - is a single interface for finding and using applications and services with your printer.
- Lexmark Phone Book - is used to manage fax contacts.
- Lexmark Enhanced - Communications System provides Lexmark TCP/IP network ports and bidirectional communications to this network capable printer as well as local PC ports.
- Product update allows for periodic update to the printer
- Printer Setup Utility - facilitates setting up the device

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